About us

Our Vision

Addressing the impacts of human-induced climate change requires interdisciplinary cooperation and efforts across all segments of society, including from religious, spiritual, and Indigenous traditions. In recognition of this vital need for collaboration with leaders, politicians, NGOs, businesses, women, youth, and civil society representatives, the Faith Pavilion aims to serve as a platform and coordination hub to catalyse more ambitious, effective, holistic and just climate action.

Our mission

In pursuit of the vision above, the Faith Pavilion centers around three strategic objectives for COP28:

    1. Encourage faith-based organizations (FBOs) to engage with country delegates and increase their capacity to advocate for human and nature-centred negotiation outcomes at COP28 and beyond;
    2. Increase visibility for environmental advocacy work by FBOs and other spiritual and religious actors, particularly those on the frontlines of the climate crisis and how this work contributes to the goals of the Paris Agreement; and
    3. Promote multifaith understanding and create a space for spiritual reflection, artistic expression, contemplation, and prayer.

Our story

Why Faith matters. Faith and faith institutions have had a monumental impact on the development of the world as we know it. Faith leaders historically and currently serve as custodians of our moral values, mentors of our ethical conduct, and catalyzers of change. Religious institutions have shaped the societies we live in today and hold vast influence and financial power and there is enormous untapped potential for enhanced cooperation within, and among, faith-based organizations (FBOs) to advance environmental action.


The COP28 Faith Pavilion

The first ever Faith Pavilion at a World Climate Conference is hosted by the Muslim Council of Elders in collaboration with the COP28 Presidency, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and a diverse coalition of global partners including the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, the Episcopal Diocese of California, the Peace Department, the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD), and over 50 faith organizations. Pope Francis provided an inaugural video address to the Faith Pavilion on December 3, 2023.


Situated at the heart of COP28, adjacent to the World Climate Action Summit and negotiations zones, the Faith Pavilion hosts more than 65 sessions. They bring together religious and other civil society representatives, Indigenous Peoples, scientists, youth, and political leaders. The Pavilion symbolizes global and multifaith collaboration in addressing the human-made climate emergency. It facilitates intergenerational dialogue, furthers the role of religion and spirituality in the climate movement, and advocated for long-term, holistic solutions to protect the Earth and its climate. The Pavilion provides a unique opportunity for faith-based engagement with key stakeholders, including political delegations, decision makers, negotiators, and business leaders to ensure swift and effective climate action.


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