• Ariel Romero
    Ariel Romero
    Global Coalition Against Systemic Racism and for Reparations, Consultant for the Afro-Climate Justice Program

    Romero is a law professional with studies in political science. He is a specialist in sustainability, cooperation and planning with a gender perspective. Professionally he has served as an advisor in the Legislative Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Costa Rica. He is currently a consultant on human rights and sustainability projects, and works for the Afro-Climate Justice program of the Global Coalition against Systemic Racism and for Reparations. Ariel is a young climate activist and works from two environmental organizations Green Wolf and Madre Tierra, where he directs environmental education, political advocacy and volunteer projects.

  • Emigdio Cuesta
    Emigdio Cuesta
    Afro-Colombian Pastoral Center Corporation - CEPAC, Coordination Team of Afro-Colombian Pastoral

    Born in Bojayá, Chocó. He is an Afro-Colombian Religious Priest and Missionary of the Divine Word. He graduated in Theology from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá headquarters. He is a specialist in Management from the Pontifical Bolivarian University / Missionary Institute of Anthropology. Since 2008 he is a member of the National Coordination Team of Afro-Colombian Pastoral, of the Afro-Colombian Pastoral Center Corporation – CEPAC. He is part of the National Convergence of Afro-Colombian Organizations, CNOA, since its inception and since 2005 he has served as its Executive Secretary.

    From his life experience he has closely followed the journey of the Afro organizations of the Atrato Medio Chocoano and Antioquia, accompanying the communities in the construction of life plans for the defense and enforceability of their right to exist with dignity as a differentiated ethnic group. , strengthening their autonomy and resistance in their own territory.

  • Epsy Campbell
    Epsy Campbell
    United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent, President

    Epsy Campbell is former vice president of Costa Rica, having served from 2018 to 2022. She is currently the president of the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent and the president of the Pan American Health Organization’s High-Level Commission on Mental Health and COVID-19. When serving as the Costa Rican vice president, she made history as the first Afro-descendant woman to hold such a prestigious position in the western hemisphere. As an Afro-Costa Rican leader, she has also been a two-time member of parliament and has served as minister of foreign affairs and worship.
    As an advocate against systemic racism, Campbell Barr leads the charge as the principal propeller of the Global Coalition Against Systemic Racism and for Reparations.

  • Igor Correa Caicedo
    Igor Correa Caicedo
    Council Permanent of Afro-descendants of the Americas (COPAFRO), Executive Secretary

    He is the Executive Secretary of the Council Permanent of Afro-descendants of the Americas (COPAFRO) and President of the Mutual Banking of Opportunities (BMO). He has previously been an International Consultant for SGCAN; He has also been advisor-coordinator of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia (Presidential Rights Program Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law).
    Currently, Mr. Correa, concerned about new forms of slavery, related to economic rights in the field of Human Rights, is developing, together with other collaborators, the first Bank of Mutual Opportunities in Colombia, as a community model for development socioeconomic and to promote financial freedom. Just as well, it comes promoting, together with other leaders in the region, from Washington DC, the creation of the First Economic Fund for Afro-descendant Development, before the Bank World. He is Co-Founder of the Global Coalition Against Systemic Racism and for Reparations

  • Paola Ortiz
    Paola Ortiz
    Afro-descendant Institute for Research, Study and Development, Consultant

    Paola Ortíz is a Government and International Relations professional with a specialty in Harvard Business School Executive Education. She is also a specialist in Local, Regional, and Economic Development. She has worked as a project coordinator for the ACUA-FIDA Foundation and is currently an integral environment professional for Ecopetrol, the largest energy company in Colombia. She is an activist and consultant in Afro-descendant organizations, and an expert in energy transition in Afro-descendant communities.


Dec 03 2023


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Afrodescendant People’s Day: Hope and Resilient Communities Against Climate Change Global Coalition Against Systemic Racism and Reparations

This session is dedicated to tackling the pressing challenges confronting Afro-descendant communities in the face of climate change. Acknowledging their heightened vulnerability, we will emphasize the distinct impacts on the youth and Black women within these communities. The objective of this dialogue is to gather invaluable insights aimed at formulating an internationally recognized Afro-climate justice agenda. This agenda will play a pivotal role in fostering global cooperation to secure funding for projects related to damage and loss recovery. Furthermore, the session will place significant emphasis on enhancing the capacity of Afro-descendant communities to adapt and build resilience in the face of climate change.