• Ferdinand Girke
    Ferdinand Girke
    Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World, BfdW), Senior Advisor Climate Change, MENA Region

    Having worked with local partners, in the Middle East for six years, Mr. Girke is very familiar with the potential that interfaith work can unleash. Holding a MSc in Environment and Development from London School of Economics and Political Sciences, he currently builds a climate justice support programme for partners in the MENA region. Himself from the Lutheran tradition, Mr. Girke has, over years of cooperation, come to appreciate the strong faith-based commitment of CEOSS in their work, which joins climate action and interfaith dialogue work in a unique manner.

  • Heba Yousry
    Heba Yousry
    Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), Local Interfaith Dialogue Forum Programs Manager

    Holder of a Bachelor of Social Service. Joined CEOSS in 1994, and currently responsible for managing the local interfaith dialogue programme in various Egyptian governorates in several capacity building programs for media professionals, religious leaders, academics, CSOs, and governmental institutions, in order to equip them as agents of change and peacemakers in their communities. Her role is also to build relationships and lead youth to adopt local initiatives that address various trending issues like facing hate discourse, climate changes and others.

  • Maged Boulos
    Maged Boulos
    Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), Deputy Manager for Rural Development in Upper Egypt

    Holder of a Bachelor of Commerce, Helwan University. 23 years’ experience in various CEOSS developmental fields, with focus on rural development, designing and implementing initiatives in the fields of environment and preserving natural resources. Also building capacities of CSOs and cooperatives in managing projects on developing agricultural production through good agricultural practices and digital extension to adapt to climate changes. Also, projects that achieve food security, especially Ezra’a (Cultivate) Initiative with support from the National Alliance for Civil Development Work.

  • Margrite Saroufim Mina
    Margrite Saroufim Mina
    Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), Sector Director for Local Development

    Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture; working for CEOSS since 1990. Mrs. Saroufim is representing CEOSS in the Egyptian National Alliance for Civil Development Work. She leads a sector of 120 dedicated staff in various developmental fields, with food systems and resource conservation playing a major role. Per her position, she carries out a leadership role in planning, strategies development, program designing, team leadership, and project management at the Macro level, with people’s welfare and their dignified life in the core.

  • Rania Rashad
    Rania Rashad
    Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), Lead Funding Manager

    Holder of a Bachelor of Economics from the American University in Cairo (AUC). Joined CEOSS in 2005 and through her long years of work was especially involved in programs pertaining to agriculture, rural development, food security, and environment. She is involved in dealing and building relationships with various donor organizations, such as EU, USAID, international and faith-based organization, and embassies. Currently responsible for leading CEOSS’ funding team and providing technical assistance and training for fundraising, proposal writing, and grants administration.


Dec 10 2023


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Consolidated development and interfaith efforts to preserve natural resources impacting food security – a case from Egypt – Brot fur die Welt

This session will showcase best practices, practical experiences and learnings in interfaith climate work from Egypt. By giving the platform to faith-inspired technical experts, this session will explore how the fostering of local climate-adapted, people-centred food systems is supported by interfaith dialogue work on the ground. To that end, learnings from the faith-based development organisation CEOSS will be discussed. More generally, this specific work will be situated into the wider context of creation care as a chance for interfaith cooperation in Egypt.