• Nana Firman
    Nana Firman
    GreenFaith, Senior Ambassador

    Nana Firman is deeply passionate about the green and blue sustainability of this beautiful brown earth. She previously directed WWF-Indonesia’s “Green Reconstruction” efforts during a post-tsunami period and developed an urban climate change adaptation/mitigation initiative. She is a LEAD Fellow in Green Economy and is also a Climate Reality Leader. Upon moving to the United States, Nana was featured in Azizah Magazine as one of the Muslim women active in the Green Revolution. In the last 11 years, she has been involved in encouraging the American Muslim community to practice eco-lifestyle which also prompted her to initiate Green Masjid Project for Islamic Society of North America. She was later named the White House Champion of Change for Climate Faith Leaders by President Barrack Obama and received the Alfredo Sirkis Memorial Green Ring Award for Climate Leadership from former Vice President Al Gore. Recently, she was featured in “One Earth: People of Color Protecting Our Planet” among 20 Earth Defenders and in “The World is Our Common Home” among 28 Environmental Activists from many parts of the world.

  • Selestina
    World Vision , Child Advocate

    As a 16 year-old, Selestina actively participates in the National Child Parliament, advocating for increased education funding, climate change action, and child protection. She is also an active member of the Bible club at her school as one way of enhancing her spiritual well-being. As a dedicated World Vision young leader, she collaborates with leaders to champion the well-being and rights of children, creating a brighter future for all. As a speaker for the Child Parliament, Selestina leads meetings with young parliamentarians, addressing challenges faced by children in her area and presenting them in parliament. She is a passionate advocate for climate change initiatives like reforestation and gender equality for girls in her community.

  • Seth Appiah-Kubi
    Seth Appiah-Kubi
    A Rocha Ghana , National Director

    Dr. Seth Appiah-Kubi is the National Director of A Rocha Ghana. Seth has a strong experience and passion for conservation and the security of natural resources for communities that depend on them. He has been involved in conservation and creation care for almost 15 years and has been a key part in formulating the conservation models used by A Rocha Ghana, involving community-based conservation, conservation education and conservation research.

    Seth holds a PhD in finance and is a Chartered Management Accountant. He served on both national and international conservation committees, platforms and forums dealing with various protocols relating to the environment, biodiversity and natural resources.

  • Tariq Al-Olaimy
    Tariq Al-Olaimy
    UN Decade for Restoration Advisory Board, Board Member

    Tariq Al-Olaimy is co-founder and managing director of an ecosystem of social and planetary enterprises with impact in over 100 countries, including; 3BL Associates, a people + planet strategy consultancy that has advised Nobel Peace Prize laureates and nominees, governments, and corporations on systems transformation; Diversity on Board, a platform promoting equity and responsible leadership on MENA region boards; Public-Planet Partnerships, a framework facilitating regenerative multi-species collaborations; and Recipes for Wellbeing, supporting impact organizations wholebeing. Tariq holds advisory and board roles with the World Economic Forum, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (UNEP & FAO), The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions – Race to Resilience Campaign, 1t.org youth Hub, the Global Shapers Community, and the EAT Forum- the leading science-based global platform for transforming food systems.

  • Tony Rinaudo
    Tony Rinaudo
    World Vision Australia, Principal Natural Resources Advisor

    Renowned for his work on farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR), in 2018 Tony was recognised with the Right Livelihood Award for his influential contribution to promote – and uptake of – a simple, low cost, scalable method of reforestation known as FMNR. Prior to his appointment to World Vision, Tony served as an agriculturalist and missionary in Niger from 1981 to 1999. There, he oversaw long-term rural development and contributed to a transformation in how Nigeriens farm, and the reforesting of over six million hectares of land, which still inspires re-greening movements globally.


Dec 02 2023


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Faith and Nature: Partners in Restoration – GreenFaith, A Rocha International, & World Vision International

Around the world, faith leaders and communities of faith are essential drivers in addressing the challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation. In this session, distinguished panellists will highlight critical contributions by faith and faith leaders in restoration efforts in climate vulnerable communities. Panellists will also explore and showcase efforts of faith communities in fostering social cohesion and intergenerational dialogue to build foundational trust among communities tackling climate change impact. The aim of the event is to promote promising practices and strategic principles used by faith actors to enhance environmental sustainability and climate action.