• Reverend Johnnie Moore
    Reverend Johnnie Moore
    Congress of Christian Leaders, President

    Rev. Johnnie Moore is president of JDA Worldwide and president of the Congress of Christian Leaders. Rev. Moore’s many awards and honors include the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s prestigious Medal of Valor. He was twice appointed to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom by the President of the United States, serving across the Biden and Trump administrations.


Dec 05 2023


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Fireside Chat with Reverend Johnnie Moore – Muslim Council of Elders

Caring for our planet, and responsibly managing its limited resources, is a challenge. It is less of a challenge if the tent of collaboration is large and if the collaboration is tolerant of all kinds of different views. It is time to bring together diverse and non-traditional stakeholders to work better together on this common cause, and there are no stakeholders more influential and more important than religious leaders and leaders of the next generation. Success requires open-mindedness, an alliance of values and a multigenerational approach. We’ll discuss it all.