• David Knecht
    David Knecht
    Fastenaktion Switzerland, Program Manager Energy & Climate Jstice

    David Knecht graduated in international economics. After developing an energy efficiency project in Kenya, he now co-manages the program on Energy and Climate Justice at Fastenaktion Switzerland. The program aims at driving efforts on a just energy transition in Brazil, Colombia and Switzerland. David follows the UNFCCC processes closely, with a special focus on Carbon Markets and Transparency questions. In this role he co-coordinated the collaborative research project on NDC Transparency.

  • Edel Moraes
    Edel Moraes
    Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Brazil, National Secretary for Traditional Peoples and Communities and Sustainable Rural Development

    Edel Moraes comes from a local sustainable extractivist community. She holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Peoples and Communities and a Doctorate in Sustainable Development from the University of Brasilia.
    She serves currently as National Secretary for Traditional Peoples and Communities and Sustainable Rural Development of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in Brazil.

  • Lydia Lehlogonolo Machaka
    Lydia Lehlogonolo Machaka
    CIDSE, Energy & Exctractivism Officer

    Lydia Machaka is the Energy and Extractivism Officer at CIDSE, an international family of Catholic social justice organizations in Brussels. She is responsible for coordinating the CIDSE working group and relations with member organizations striving to achieve climate justice and transformative energy systems. She also follows and supports policy processes at the UNFCCC and EU levels and represents CIDSE on various platforms, while ensuring knowledge sharing and networking with partners and allies of CIDSE, the Catholic Church and beyond. Lydia is enthusiastic about challenging herself and others to find transformative solutions ranging from the complex policy level to everyday life situations.

  • Marta Tipuici
    Marta Tipuici
    Juruena Vivo Network, Juruena Vivo Network Representative

    Marta Tipuici Manoki is an indigenous teacher in Manoki villages at Irantxe Indigenous Land, in the northern Mato Grosso, Brazil. She graduated in Social Sciences and has been dedicated to the Juruena Vivo Network mobilization against hydropower dams over the last years and become one of its leaders. She represented Juruena Vivo Network at COP24, an international conference on hydropower dams in Berlin (2019) and now at COP28.

  • Tobias Vosen
    Tobias Vosen
    Federal Environment Agency, Germany, National coordinator Transparency

    Tobias Vosen studied Economics at the University of Bonn (Diplom) and Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University (Master of Science).
    Since April 2022, he works at the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) in Germany as Coordinator for the National System of Emissions Inventories.
    He organized Germanies last National Communication and Biennial Report. At the COP he is part of the German Delegation and works in the team of the European Union negotiating agenda items related to transparency.


Dec 06 2023


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Increasing Trust and Transparency for a Socially Just Energy Transition Under the Paris Agreement- CIDSE, Fastenaktion Misereor

This session will explore the important role of transparency in fostering trust among actors drawing from recent studies in various countries and contextualize the findings regarding local climate action and just energy transition with experiences from Germany and Indigenous Communities of the Brazilian Amazon region. Together with the panel and the public, we will discuss the implications for the UNFCCC processes and the Global Stocktake.