• Carine Josiéle Wendland
    Carine Josiéle Wendland
    Lutheran World Federation , Youth delegate

    Carine is part of the Lutheran World Federation’s youth delegation at COP28. She is a climate activist, member of the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil (IECLB) and the Climate Justice Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). She has organized climate justice campaigns in her own country by linking climate change impacts to the indigenous and intercultural issues, land, and nature.

  • Hanna Soldal
    Hanna Soldal
    Act Church of Sweden, Advocacy advisor

    Hanna works as an advocacy advisor for Act Church of Sweden, focusing on climate justice. She strives to mobilize the congregations and individual members of Church of Sweden to become climate ambassadors. Hanna holds a Master of Science in Ethnobotany, an interdisciplinary research field focusing on the relationship between humans and nature. She is also an active writer and opinion-maker.

  • Priyanka Patil
    Priyanka Patil
    Brahma Kumaris, Youth delegate

    Priyanka works on regenerative agroecological and restoration projects in western India. She holds a Master of Science in Agriculture and is the founder of the ecological initiative Golden era eco services. Their mission is to build sustainable and spiritually empowered communities by educating people to heal themselves and their landscapes. Priyanka attended COY17 and is a member of the Food and Agriculture Working Group of YOUNGO and the Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP (CYMG).

  • Shantanu Mandal
    Shantanu Mandal
    Brahma Kumaris, Youth Rep of the BK to UNEP

    Shantanu is a radio presenter in Radio Madhuban with one of the prime time shows Yashasvi Bharat where he interviews Dignitaries who are Civilian award winners of Bharat (India). He is involved in developing environmental programs in the Radio. Shantanu has practiced Raja Yoga for over 20 years. He has a background in fashion design and holds a second bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. In 2019, Shantanu was one of seven youths to be funded by the UNFCCC to attend COP 25 in Madrid. Since then he has been representing the Brahma Kumaris Youth at a number of high profile environmental conferences. A UNFSS+2 Youth task force member, Shantanu lives a vegan lifestyle and believes that “Simplicity is Kindness.

  • Sofie Ohlsson
    Sofie Ohlsson
    Church of Sweden Youth, Youth delegate

    Sofie is active as a youth volunteer for global justice through Church of Sweden Youth and Act Church of Sweden. As a youth volunteer, she works with focus on global issues, such as climate justice, on a local, national, and international level. She is an engineering student, enrolled in a master’s degree on industrial ecology. Sofie is passionate about climate justice, the role of education for shaping our future and youth involvement.


Dec 01 2023


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Interfaith Youth Dialogue on Climate Justice, Promoting Resilience and Hope – Church of Sweden

  • This session will provide a space for an interreligious youth dialogue between youth representatives from different faith traditions and geographical regions on resilience and hope.
  • This session will explore how we, as people of faith, strengthen resilience among youth in times of climate crisis.
  • This session aims to discuss how we, as people of faith, can empower young people and ensure their participation in decision-making and implementation of initiatives that will build resilience.
  • This session will discuss what kind of support focusing on youth is needed to increase their resilience.