• Eric Bagenzi
    Eric Bagenzi
    Climate YES & RDIS, Chair, Climate YES Rwanda Hub and Director of Environmental Care, RDICS

    Eric Bagenzi is a Rwanda National, dedicated and experienced professional with a background in Agriculture and Environmental studies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Soil and Water Management and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management. He has over 8 years of diverse work experience, including serving as the Director of Environmental Care and Disaster Risk Reduction at RDIS, an NGO dedicated to Environmental Safeguarding and Sustainable Development. He has also participated in various climate change initiatives, including the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice and Climate Yes and serves as Chairman of Climate Yes-Rwanda Hub.

  • Fred Njehu
    Fred Njehu
    Tearfund, Senior Policy Advisor, Pan African Advocacy

    Fred is Tearfund’s Senior Policy Advisor for Pan African Advocacy and is based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has worked on climate policy for many years, with Christian Aid and others before Tearfund, and is a COP veteran. Fred is currently researching green jobs and climate.

  • Jessica Bwali
    Jessica Bwali
    Tearfund & Climate YES, Global Advocacy Team Associate

    Jessica is based in Lusaka, Zambia. She was a radio presenter and producer for United Voice radio in Lusaka, Zambia. Jessica has also worked on Pan African Radio (Lusaka) and Solwezi Radio (North-Western Province). She works on advocacy communications for Tearfund, Abundant Africa and Renew Our World. She was an African Ambassador of the Methodist Church at COP26. She is a member of the Climate YES ecumenical youth movement.

  • Mandisa Gumada
    Mandisa Gumada
    Climate YES & Green Anglicans, Youth Rep, Province of Southern Africa

    I am Mandisa Gumada, an Active Green Anglican and member of Climate YES South Africa, currently working as a Diocesan Children and Youth Coordinator in the Anglican Diocese of Natal (ACSA), I am a lover of Creation Care, passionate about children and youth development in and outside the church. I believe the voice of the young people need not just be listened to with regards to issues of climate change; but also to sanction immediate actions in order to not further be contributors of ignorant acts that see our world in devastation from environment disasters. My motto is: “We can ALL do better”


Dec 02 2023


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Intergenerational Dialogue on the Role of Youth in Adaptation – Climate YES! & Tearfund

This session will provide a space to explore the role of young people in adapting to the changing climate. How will young people have good green jobs and decent livelihoods, particularly in Africa? What roles can faith groups play? This session will introduce some solutions and some ideas to scale them up, and seek more in a participatory way.