• Mohamed Ageez
    Mohamed Ageez
    Youth Think Green, Partnerships manager

    Mohamed Ageez is a highly accomplished Business Development and Partnerships Manager at youthinkgreen Egypt, where he specializes in developing sustainable business activities in sustainability Entrepreneurship and Consultation.
    With a keen interest in policy and innovation, Ageez also serves as the Head of Management and Collaboration at TISLabs, an organization that empowers territorial and public innovation systems through innovative science-based research.
    As a Researcher in policy and innovation management, Ageez is actively involved in mobilizing Egyptian innovation system capabilities for SMEs project.
    He is also a representative of YOUNGO, the Official Constituency of UNFCCC for youth and children, in the Youth Advisory Group in the Green Jobs for Youth Pact with United Nations.

  • Neringa Tumėnaitė
    Neringa Tumėnaitė
    Mediterranean Youth Foundation for Development - MYF, MYF Advisor in Charge of Youth Participation and Climate Action

    Neringa is a Ph.D. candidate at SOAS University of London and a visiting Fulbright Schuman fellow with the Roma Program at the FXB Center for Health & Human Rights, Harvard University. Her research delves into the role of youth participation in advancing climate justice. In addition, Neringa is the director of Humanity Consulting and an advisor to the Mediterranean Youth Foundation.

    Previously, Neringa worked in Myanmar for the EU’s External Action Service and served on the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, focusing on Roma youth participation and North-South cooperation.

    Neringa holds a BA in Creative Industries from Vilnius Tech and an MSc in Violence, Conflict, and Development from SOAS, where she investigated the role of the media in furthering structural discrimination against the Roma people in Lithuania and the Rohingya in Myanmar.

  • Youssef Aroog
    Youssef Aroog
    Mediterranean Youth Foundation for Development - MYF, Founder

    Youssef is a Mediterranean Civil Activist specializing in European experiences in youth empowerment and founder the Mediterranean Youth Foundation for Development in Egypt and Estonia. He has five years of experience establishing and managing youth movements and organizations.

    For the last five years, he focused on conceptualizing new youth projects, coordinating with civil society organizations and international agencies on youth projects, and supporting larger youth volunteerism and community participation efforts in Egypt. I managed and developed several projects locally and regionally to enhance the cultural & youth cooperation in the Euro-Med region.


Dec 09 2023


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Mediterranean Climate Hub – Mediterranean Youth Foundation

The session aims to come up with recommendations that enhance community and public participation in the field of environmental and human solidarity. The session will introduce an open discussion about the future of youth movements and initiatives within the framework of adaptation mechanisms and climate change and how to enhance them and achieve climate justice between the north and south of the Mediterranean. The approach is to relate how can climate change relate to our faith and solidarity.