• Lucy Plummer
    Lucy Plummer
    Soka Gakkai International,

    National Youth Leader (UK) and Youth Consultant at SGI UN Office
    Bio: Lucy has worked professionally with and for youth in various roles at the national and
    international level for more than a decade. Lucy has a bachelors in Youth Studies and a
    masters in Sustainable Development, with her area of expertise being young people’s
    participation in climate and environmental policy processes. Lucy has co-ordinated
    numerous youth engagement groups and projects on behalf of institutions and NGOs,
    including faith-based organisations and UN offices. She is currently serving as a Youth
    Consultant for the Soka Gakkai International Office for UN Affairs. Lucy is an advocate for
    youth inclusion at the UN and plays an active role in advancing young people’s inclusion in
    climate processes as a member of the UNFCCC children and youth constituency group,

  • Miriam Silverman Israel
    Miriam Silverman Israel
    UNEP Faith for Earth, Intern, Law Division

    Miriam is a third-year dual degree student at the Fletcher School, Tufts University and
    the Harvard Divinity School where she studies international environmental policy, human
    security and the role of religious communities in responding to climate change. She focuses
    on climate adaptation and local resilience, as well as strategies for coping with climate grief
    for climate professionals. At UNEP, Miriam supports outreach to faith actors and
    coordination of the Faith Pavilion at COP28. Previously, she worked on international
    democracy and inclusive governance issues in Washington, DC.

  • Precious Donna Gift Jayno
    Precious Donna Gift Jayno
    FIMCAP, COP28 Delegate

    Precious Donna Gift Jayno is a 23-year-old civil engineer in Cebu City, Philippines. Her
    long membership in Chiro Pilipinas, a church-based youth organization, has molded her into
    a leader in the organization and in her barangay or village. Her exposure to the realities of
    her community led her to become the Head of the National Social Action Committee, which
    focuses on environmental protection and solidarity, for which she advocates. She believes
    that to love God and his creations means protecting the earth and its people. She is part of
    the COP28 delegation of FIMCAP, a network of catholic youth organizations.

  • Silvana Mabel Peralta Bogarin
    Silvana Mabel Peralta Bogarin
    The National Directorate of Climate Change of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Paraguay, Technical Specialist for the Adaptation Department

    Silvana has rich experience in analyzing and developing policies focused on climate
    change adaptation. She has helped update the National Adaptation Plan and led the
    construction of a roadmap for adaptation towards 2030 for her home country (Paraguay).
    Furthermore, Silvana has experience in capacity-building where she has developed training

    programs for indigenous and other vulnerable communities on ecosystem-based

  • Taahir Bulbulia
    Taahir Bulbulia
    Government of Barbados, Barbados Youth Ambassador to the UN

    Taahir Bulbulia is a youth leader from the beautiful island of Barbados. He
    possesses a Bachelor’s in Sports Science with a specialization in Sport
    Management from the University of West Indies Cave Hill Campus. Taahir has
    a passion for youth, sports and national development. Taahir has served on the
    Cave Hill Guild of Students as the first ever Faculty of Sport Representative.
    In his tenure he founded the historic Sports Science Society, a student-based
    organization that seeks to promote the holistic benefits of sports to a nation and
    provide opportunities to learn, grow and develop in the field of sport. Taahir has
    also served as the Vice President of the Guild.


Dec 03 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Moving Faith Forward: Youth Leadership and Faith-Based Climate Advocacy – Soka Gakkai International

This session will provide a space for Youth leaders from faith and spiritual backgrounds who
are engaged in high-level climate policy, including as national delegates and representatives
of FBOs, to reflect on the role of faith in their work and to share key learnings, insights and
practical tips.
The session will explore the following key questions: how might faith be guiding youth
negotiators in their roles?, how does faith impact negotiation strategies?, and what makes
an effective faith-based climate advocacy strategy? The session will also explore some key
themes, including youth leadership, intergenerational justice and solidarity, and climate

This session aims to empower faith leaders, faith communities and FBOs to take more
ambitious action for the climate through highlighting successful initiatives and personal
experiences of young people of faith who are leading such engagement in high-level
This session will introduce some effective climate advocacy strategies being led by young
people of faith within high-level climate spaces as well as their faith-based motivations for
engaging in climate processes.