• Chandra Prakash Joshi
    Chandra Prakash Joshi
    Aham Brahmasmi, India, Convenor

    Mr. Chandra Prakash Joshi is a elected sitting representative from Chittorgrh, Rajasthan Lok Sabha of Parliament of India. He introduced several Legal Bills for conservation of Environment and Water Resources of India in Lok Sabha of Parliament of India.
    He is also promoting Ecosystem Restoration through promoting various individuals, activities and organisations working for the cause.

  • Lokesh Kumar Sharma
    Lokesh Kumar Sharma
    Aham Brahmasmi, India, Founder & President

    Mr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma, a UNEP Faith for Earth Councillor and Advisor to UNEP Faith for Earth Youth Council, started his environmental social work in the year 2016 by working for Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation).
    In year 2018, he founded “Aham Brahmasmi” a religious organization based Hinduism and currently, 15 frontal organisations are working on many Social Environmental and Religious projects in more than 350 Districts of India. He also drafted more than 50 Legal Bills for Ecosystem Restoration, which are pending before Indian Parliament for Introduction, Discussion, Passing and enacted as Law.

  • Meghna Tyagi
    Meghna Tyagi
    Aham Brahmasmi, India, Translator/Convenor

    Meghna Tyagi is a devoted environmentalist and sustainability enthusiast. With a background in environmental engineering and a passion for preserving our planet, she worked on various projects to shift our focus towards a healthier planet and foster heightened awareness of pressing environmental concerns.
    She is working with Aham Brahmasmi with Dedication to diminishing our ecological footprint and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable world and future.

  • Nitin Saxena
    Nitin Saxena
    Global Alliance for Ecosystem Restoration, Translator/Convenor

    As a Media professional, he accredited over 30 years active experience in print and broadcast with over 4000 bylines having appeared in different English language newspapers and magazines of reputed media houses including The Hindustan Times, India Today Rashtriya Sahara Groups besides making documentaries on different subjects.
    Since the inception of GAFER, he is working as a Convenor (Media) and look after Eco-Naarad and SDG Sansad Projects and did multiple workshops on environment.

  • Roma Sharma
    Roma Sharma
    Global Alliance for Ecosystem Restoration, Founder & Chief Financial Officer

    In year 2021, she founded an organisation namely, “Global Alliance for Ecosystem Restoration” to address the issues related to Ecosystem Restoration. The organisation is working dedicatedly as an umbrella platform for individuals and organisations who are working for the factors affected our Earth’s Ecosystem.
    She is also working on a project focusing on women empowerment through 5R Concept of Ecosystem Restoration.


Dec 11 2023


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Panch Mahabhutah Shanti (Peace of Five Elements) – Aham Brahmasmi

This session will explore working of Aham Brahmasmi through Scriptures of Hinduism to promote UNEP Faith for Earth Initiative.
This session aims to promote UNEP Faith for Earth Initiative.
This session will introduce Hinduism way of Ecosystem Restoration.