• Abhayjeet Singh Sachal
    Abhayjeet Singh Sachal
    Break the Divide, Founder ; ACWAY, Fellow

    Abhay Singh Sachal is a 21-year-old Canadian humanitarian whose work resides at the intersection of climate change, ecoanxiety, mental health, and spirituality. He is the founder of Break The Divide, a non-profit organization based on principles of environmentalism, sustainability, and reconciliation that focuses on fostering empathy and understanding to inspire action projects in communities. He created the framework “apathy to empathy to action” as he seeks to build ways in which young people can connect and learn from one another in an increasingly polarized world, allowing them to build empathy for realities that they have never faced, and empowering them to transform that empathy into concrete actions that advance the creation of harmonious and abundant futures.

  • Greshma P. Raju
    Greshma P. Raju
    ACWAY, URI, Religions for Peace

    Greshma Pious Raju is a young peacebuilder with several years of experience in interfaith dialogues and environmental peacebuilding. Greshma is the founder of Ecopeace Teen Cafe, an online transformative education program for teenagers, where she focuses on caring for the community, environmental protection, social justice and nonviolent communication. She earned Master of Arts in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University, India, and a Master’s degree in International Peace Studies from the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica. She believes small acts of love and compassion will create positive changes in the global community.

  • Liliya Khasanova
    Liliya Khasanova
    ACWAY, Head of Operations

    Liliya is a post-doctoral researcher in international law and a member of the Executive Committee of A Common Word Among the Youth (ACWAY). She held several academic positions with Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice conducting research on international peace negotiations and human rights. As an ACWAY fellow, Liliya drafted Interfaith Development Goals (IDGs), organized several youth Forums and held trainings for youth on various topics such as interreligious and intercultural dialogue, peacebuilding, and human rights.

  • Rawaad Mahyub
    Rawaad Mahyub
    The Muath Trust Official, Chief Executive Offcier (CEO)

    Mr Rawaad Mahyub is the Head of Partnerships of ‘A Common Word Among the Youth’ (ACWAY). ACWAY brings together over 100 young people from over 85 countries, of different religions/traditions, who have delivered more than 200 local and national activities. Rawaad has been working in the field of humanitarian & social development for over 15 years, with a particular focus on engaging young people to promote change through civic activism. He graduated with a joint honours degree in Chemistry and an executive MBA. He is originally from Yemen, lives in the UK and has two children.

  • Uzair Ben-Ebrahim
    Uzair Ben-Ebrahim
    ACWAY, Head of Programs

    Uzair Ben-Ebrahim is an educator, linguist, facilitator, decolonialist, visual artist, poet, and the Program Officer for A Common Word Among the Youth (ACWAY). Uzair works in the realms of curriculum design, social justice advocacy, inter-religious dialogue, and decoloniality in South Africa. He was a board member of the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative (CTII) and a facilitator for GOAL (Giving Opportunities to Aspiring Leaders), creating dialogue spaces for people of faith. He has also done work for the Muslim Jewish Interfaith Coalition (MJIC), and has facilitated interreligious dialogues for the Taize Community, an ecumenical Christian monastic fraternity.


Dec 08 2023


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Religion, Youth and Environment: A Global Response Through Local Action – ACWAY

ACWAY represents a strong network of young practitioners from  different parts of the world working in the field of interfaith and intercultural peacebuilding. This session will introduce ACWAY’s youth engagement model anchored by the Interfaith Development Goals (IDGs). This presentation will showcase how global interfaith engagements, facilitated through ACWAY global forums, directly impact grassroots interfaith practices and projects implemented by ACWAY Fellows to address issues of climate change and environmental protection. The session will introduce personalized experiences, and propose potential solutions by youth reflecting on interfaith dialogue and ways to deepen the impact in their communities through global climate cooperation.