• Dr. Suruchi Mittar
    Dr. Suruchi Mittar
    ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, Devotee, Team Member

    I have more than two decades of experience as a University professor, strategy consultant , an author, as a coach who has shaped many organisations in their strategy formulation, crafting and designing policies country wide for the upliftment of the people. Have worked with organisations like UKaid, ILO, GIZ, UN-ITC GENEVA for empowering women and children. I have been a core team member of International Value Education Olympiad

  • Karuna Chandra Das
    Karuna Chandra Das
    ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, Vice President

    I am Karuna Chandra Das ( Karan Kohli) , Vice President ISKCON temple, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi,
    Project head, International Value Education Olympiad program.
    Following are my experience and expertise skills:
    13 years of experience in youth counselling, preaching and management of Temple activities.
    13 years contribution in development cooperation. Involved in sustainability
    initiatives in Temple.
    Trained in Leadership


Dec 08 2023


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The Ethical Foundations of Climate Action: Integrating Bhagavad Gita’s Teachings to Empower School Students in Combatting Climate Change – ISKCON Punjabi Bagh

This session will explore the power of value-based education in shaping the future of our planet. By showcasing a successful model that intertwines values education and environmental stewardship. This session aims to bring the Value Education Olympiad into the spotlight as an exemplary educational initiative, designed to empower students globally and foster a sustainable mindset. Created by ISKCON under the Faith for Earth program by UNEP, the Olympiad focuses on intertwining values-based learning with environmental consciousness. This session will introduce an esteemed educational initiative by ISKCONĀ  under Faith for Earth initiative by UNEP that empowers students worldwide to embrace and embody essential values while making a positive impact on the environment